Hello everybody and welcome to our journey!

We are Jade and Lewis, a young couple from the UK here to share our exciting adventures with you guys as we travel around the world!

Our stories are surprisingly similar as we grew up in small neighbouring villages on the outskirts of Nottingham and unknowingly went to the same high school. With Jade being a recent graduate in Photography and Lewis working as a Graphic Designer, we even share similar creative interests which we hope makes us a great team for documenting our journey with you all! But how did we first meet? Funnily enough, we both worked part-time jobs between our studies in local restaurants and bumped into each other whilst working in a kitchen. After a few months of dating, we had already booked a spontaneous holiday together and this is how our relationship began! We soon realised that we love the excitement of researching and planning a trip, alongside the thrill of seeking new places to explore.

A gap year to travel around the world seemed like a crazy idea at first, but we knew that it would be perfect for us when the time was right. Having lived away at separate universities, we were constantly packing our bags and driving to visit one another. We found it hard to settle in our hometowns and longed for something more adventurous to satisfy our restless personalities. Instead of saving for a house, we saved to travel. We still can’t quite believe that we are here, but we will make the most of seeing this world on our exciting voyage that’s for sure!