If you’re looking for some of the best beaches to visit in Koh Phangan, here is our guide to the ones that we explored during our stay.

Bottle Beach

This hidden gem has to be our number one beach to visit in Koh Phangan!

We could have easily spent a whole day floating in the turquoise water and relaxing on the soft white sand. The surrounding scenery is beautiful and there are only a small number of resorts and restaurants lined on the beach, so luckily this slice of paradise will rarely be overcrowded.

Located north-east of the island, we heard that it is definitely the trickiest beach to reach by land and can be quite dangerous on the roads, especially by motorbike if you are not a fully confident driver.

We decided to save ourselves the risky journey by hopping on a longtail boat from Chaloklum Beach instead! We paid 200 baht for a return journey, but the boats run every hour so it is easy to get a one-way ticket if you are unsure how long you will be staying. This is the easiest and most safest way to reach Bottle Beach. If you are lucky, you might even spot some fishes jumping at the side of your boat like we did!

We definitely recommend making a trip here if you are exploring the north of Koh Phangan – the natural beauty and pristine white sand is a must-see!

Mae Haad Beach and Ko Ma Island

Located north-west of Koh Phangan is Mae Haad Beach, famous for its long strip of golden sand which allows you to walk directly over to Ko Ma at low tide.

We visited at midday which was quite busy as there are many resorts and restaurants lining the sand, however the beach is huge so there is plenty of space to relax and enjoy the views.

Ko Ma is surrounded by tropical reefs, so snorkelling is a popular activity on the beach and can keep you entertained for hours – just don’t forget to pack your snorkel!

The strip of white sand connecting to the island truly is a stunning scene, especially if viewed from the 360 Bar which is a short up-hill drive from the beach.

Haad Rin Beaches

Haad Rin Nok (also known as the sunrise beach) is definitely the most popular of the two beaches in Haad Rin, filled with backpackers and party animals who dance the night away to live music each night. This is also the place where the famous full moon party is held on the island every month.

Despite the lively atmosphere at night, we were surprised to find the beach chilled during the day and its beautiful surroundings make a great place to sunbathe and unwind.

Haad Rin Nai, (or sunset beach) is located on the west coast, only a five minute walk from Haad Rin Nok. We were lucky enough to visit here on a clear night and witnessed a truly beautiful sunset, so if you have a spare evening make sure to pop over and enjoy the incredible views!

Leela Beach

Just around the corner from Haad Rin is Leela Beach. With only a few resorts backed onto the sand, the quiet and immaculate surroundings is a perfect place to sunbathe and chill for a few hours.

We entered through Cocohut Resort which was a little hard to find, but there are signposts once you spot them.

Although the sea was incredibly calm and a perfect place to have dip, we visited in low season meaning there were lots of jellyfish lurking in the shallow waters, so make sure to keep your eye out!

To capture those insta-worthy snaps, there is a famous swing near the entrance to Cocohut Resort and a walkway which stretches out into the depths of the blue sea, so don’t forget to bring your camera!

Chaloklum Beach

If you are looking for the clearest sea in Koh Phangan then look no further than Chaloklum Beach!

We were blown away by the transparent water gently lapping onto the beach and couldn’t wait to take a dip! The surrounding scenery is stunning and the huge stretch of white sand is perfect for an evening stroll.

The beach is generally quiet due to people only passing through to hop on a longtail boat, although this means that it’s not the most peaceful place to relax due to the boat engines roaring every hour. However, if you have visited many of the other beaches around Thailand like us, then the noise soon becomes second nature to you.

Make sure to take a trip to Chaloklum Beach when exploring the north of Koh Phangan and swim in the pristine water – you will not be disappointed!

Haad Salad Beach

North-west of the island lies the quiet spot of Haad Salad. This is where we based ourselves when exploring the top half of Koh Phangan and enjoyed the laid-back vibes that the area has to offer.

We had the pleasure of staying in Cookies Salad Hotel which is one of the few family resorts situated on the beachfront.

Alongside the resorts are a few restaurants where an evening candle-lit meal can be enjoyed on the beach – the setting is so romantic! Although, be prepared for a visit from the friendly local dog who patrols up and down the sand during dinner time. He will be sure to give you some intense puppy-dog eyes!

If you can only pop over to Haad Salad Beach once during your stay, aim to arrive for sunset! 

Here, we witnessed the most magical sunsets we have seen throughout our whole journey in Thailand. Only the eastern end of the beach has views of the lowering sun, but the setting is too beautiful for words and not one to be missed! 

The incredibly calm and shallow water reflects every colour of the sunset and is the perfect time to float around, watching the sun slowly fade below the horizon.