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Beach hopping in Koh Tao – The 7 best to explore

No trip to Koh Tao is complete without a few days of beach hopping! Here is our guide to 7 of the best beaches to explore around the island. Sairee…

No trip to Koh Tao is complete without a few days of beach hopping! Here is our guide to 7 of the best beaches to explore around the island.

Sairee Beach

This huge stretch of sand was our first beach stop in Koh Tao and is the main tourist hub of the island where most people tend to base themselves. 

Located on the west coast, Sairee Beach has a wide variety of restaurants and bars close by, making it an ideal place to chill for the day and catch some sun rays.

The sea is lined with longtail boats ready to transport people around the island, so the beach can often be crowded or noisy and isn’t the most ideal place to enjoy a swim.

Although, one of the main reasons to visit Sairee Beach is for sunset! It is the best location on Koh Tao to witness the sky burn orange and the sun dip below the horizon. The vibe is chilled and the setting is romantic – a perfect end to a busy day of exploring!

Koh Nang Yuan

If you are looking for pristine white sand and a vibrant underwater world of tropical fish, then look no further than Koh Nang Yuan!

Located just off the west coast, this beautifully protected island can be accessed by a 15-minute longtail boat ride from Sairee Beach and has an entrance fee of 100 baht per person.

Visitors often arrive early to spend a full day sunbathing or diving amongst the thriving coral reefs. 

To keep the island so beautifully maintained, plastic items are prohibited, along with beach shoes and beach towels protect the island’s natural ecosystems.

Don’t forget to stop at the famous viewpoint for a stunning picture of the island from above.

Read our full Koh Nang Yuan blog here.

Chalok Bay

Located at the southern tip of the island is Chalok Bay, the next stop of our beach hopping guide!

Head here from Sairee Beach for a quick 10-minute drive by motorbike, following the main road down towards the south.

Chalok Bay isn’t the most popular beach on Koh Tao, but it is located around the corner from the well-known Freedom Beach, so we had to stop by on our way!

We visited at the end of September and this particular day meant that the tide was really far in, leaving us with only a short strip of sand to step foot onto. We also had the entire beach to ourselves, which was a little overwhelming and we left after a short paddle in the sea.

Being the third largest beach in Koh Tao, we can imagine how beautiful the long stretch of sand would be, making it perfect for a steady stroll if the tide was further out.

Taa Toh Beach

Only a few minutes around the corner from Chalok Bay is Taa Toh Beach – a small, hidden gem overshadowed by it’s more famous brother, Freedom Beach.

Follow the signs to Freedom Beach, as Taa Toh can be accessed from the same carpark and are only a few minutes walk from one another.

We weren’t sure what to expect from the beach, but were pleasantly surprised by the peaceful vibes and how secluded the sandy cove is, making it the perfect place to relax.

There is a small restaurant and a volleyball net to keep you entertained, with a few hammocks to laze around in for those who just want to chill.

On the day we visited, Taa Toh was deserted so we enjoyed a wander along the white sand and took a moment to relax before heading around the corner to Freedom Beach.

Freedom Beach

Possibly the most well-known beach on the southern coast of Koh Tao is Freedom Beach, famous for its laid-back vibes and stunning scenery.

The crystal blue water is perfect for a dip and the surrounding trees on the beach are an ideal place to escape from the midday sun.

With a similar high tide to Chalok on the day we visited, this meant that we couldn’t enjoy Freedom Beach to its full potential, but the scenery was gorgeous nevertheless!

Also, be sure not to miss one of the best viewpoints in Koh Tao, accessed from the same carpark as Freedom Beach! John Suwan Viewpoint is definitely worth the climb for it’s stunning panoramic views overlooking both Chalok and Shark Bay. Read everything you need to know about the viewpoint here.

Shark Bay

Located a short drive east from Freedom Beach is Shark Bay. The name says it all and we just had to plan a visit when we heard about the frequent blacktip reef sharks that swim nearby! It is also common for giant green turtles to be spotted each day if you swim out into the deeper parts of the ocean – a snorkelers dream!

We entered through one of the resorts on the beach and didn’t have to pay an entrance fee. Unfortunately, the tide was high in the afternoon and the resort had steps leading into the sea rather than the sand, so we had to strip to our swimwear and wade through the water to access the beach.

Luck wasn’t on our side the day we visited as the water was murky and we didn’t manage to spot any sharks or turtles, but we can only imagine how exciting it would be!

Tanote Bay

Further up the east coast is Tanote Bay, the last stop of our ultimate beach hopping guide in Koh Tao.

Here, the tide was far out compared with other beaches we visited, so we had a large strip of golden sand to chill on and take in the stunning surroundings.

Tanote Bay is actually a famous spot on the island for cliff jumping, with a large rock in the middle of the sea which has metal chains to pull yourself up with. It looked pretty high up there, but a few dare devils did take the plunge whilst we were swimming around.

After having no luck at Shark Bay, we decided to try our snorkels here and found that it was actually one of our favourite underwater settings! We were amazed by the beautiful coral and the large variety of colourful fish swimming close by. The sea seemed to be a lot deeper nearer to the shore, so we could dive to the bottom and witness the beauty without swimming too far out.

Still no sharks or turtles, but maybe next time!

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John Suwan Viewpoint – The best views in Koh Tao

John Suwan Viewpoint is undoubtably the best viewpoint on Koh Tao! With breathtaking panoramic views stretching far and wide, this spot is a must-see for anyone exploring the southern tip…

John Suwan Viewpoint is undoubtably the best viewpoint on Koh Tao! With breathtaking panoramic views stretching far and wide, this spot is a must-see for anyone exploring the southern tip of the island.

We stayed close to Sairee Beach, which is the main tourist resort and rented a motorbike to seek out this impressive viewpoint during our day of beach hopping.

The drive took around 20 minutes from Sairee Beach – simply head south on the main road towards Chalok Bay and then look out for signs to Freedom Beach, as the viewpoint can be accessed from the same car park as here.

After parking, head straight for the Freedom Beach sign and split off to the left, following the path for a further 200 meters towards the entrance. This can be a little confusing as there are no clear signs but somebody will point you in the right direction if you are unsure.

There is a small fee of 50 baht per person at the entrance, which is then followed by a 20 minute hike to the summit. We found the path to be quite challenging in places as there are rocks to climb and frail ropes to pull yourself up, so be sure to wear suitable footwear and take plenty of water.

The viewpoint is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, so it can get a little busy during the middle of the day and is probably best to visit as early as possible. Also be aware that there isn’t much space to manoeuvre around on the rocks at the top, so you may have to wait your turn for that perfect shot!

Once the hike is completed, sit for a moment and admire the magnificent panoramic views which overlook both Chalok Bay and Shark Bay. Take your time snapping those beautiful landscapes as this goes down as one of the most impressive places to visit in Koh Tao!

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Koh Nang Yuan – A slice of paradise

Just off the west coast of Koh Tao is the paradise island of Koh Nang Yuan, a popular destination for tourists and definitely one of those ‘must-visit’ places in Southern…

Just off the west coast of Koh Tao is the paradise island of Koh Nang Yuan, a popular destination for tourists and definitely one of those ‘must-visit’ places in Southern Thailand!

As the island can only be reached by boat, we opted for a 15 minute ride on a longtail boat from Sairee Beach, costing 200 baht each for the return trip. The boats are lined along the shore waiting to transfer people all day, so there is no need to pre-book.

The fee to enter is 100 baht per person and plastic items, such as water bottles are prohibited on the island, so please be aware of this before you arrive. In addition, beach towels and beach shoes are not allowed to be used in order to keep the beach pristine and preserve the surrounding coral.

The Beach

Walking along the white sand whilst taking in the stunning surroundings, you can immediately understand why this little haven is so treasured and carefully protected. 

As the beach is fairly small it can get busy in the middle of the day, however there are lots of deckchairs available for a small fee if you wish to rent one for a few hours.

Koh Nang Yuan is also famous for its amazing snorkelling spots – we spent around an hour in the sea with our GoPro and captured some amazing marine life and tropical fish amongst the coral reefs!

Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint

The famous viewpoint can easily be accessed from the beach, following a wooden path around the perimeter of the island until you reach a steep set of concrete steps.

We recommend hiking to the top as soon as you arrive, as the viewpoint can get pretty crowded and it is definitely sweaty work climbing the steps – you will need a cool down in the sea afterwards!

The walk to the top takes around 10 minutes and there are a few rocks to climb over before you are rewarded with the incredible views. Once you have waited your turn for that photo opportunity, relax and enjoy gazing at the pristine island from above – it really is a beautiful picture postcard view!

Koh Nang Yuan is simply stunning. Spending the day by the beautifully protected coral reefs, perfect white sand and picturesque landscape is definitely one of the highlights of our entire Thailand trip!

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Don’t miss out the north of Koh Phangan

With the famous full moon party located at the very south of the island, people tend to base themselves here and often don’t make it up towards the top of…

With the famous full moon party located at the very south of the island, people tend to base themselves here and often don’t make it up towards the top of Koh Phangan. Here is our guide as to why you should definitely spend a day or two exploring the true beauty of the north!

To make the most out of this stunning part of the island, we recommend hiring a motorbike as this is definitely the easiest way to get around. We rented ours for 250 baht per day and the roads were well maintained with hardly anybody driving along them! This way, you have the freedom to travel wherever you want without the hassle of booking multiple tours and taxis.

The north of the island is home to some of the best beaches in Koh Phangan!

From the hidden paradise of Bottle Beach to the stunning strip of white sand at Mae Haad, the north is perfect for an ultimate day of beach hopping! 

With some of the clearest waters and softest sand we had seen in Thailand, we were blown away by each beach that we visited and they are all located within a short drive of one another. Click here for our full 6 best beaches to visit in Koh Phangan blog.

Paradise Waterfall

We visited this secluded spot after a day trip to Mae Haad Beach and Ko Ma Island.

To get to the waterfall, head towards Chaloklum and follow the main road through the village as it bends round towards the south. From Chaloklum Beach the waterfall is only a 5-minute drive, so a perfect place to explore after a relaxing day of sunbathing.

The base of the waterfall can be found at the back of local houses, only a 2-minute walk from parking your motorbike. There is a small fee to enter, but the lovely lady provides drinking water and will point you in the right direction.

With a chilled and relaxing vibe, we found the waterfall makes a great place to enjoy an afternoon walk or a cool off in the pool. 

Unfortunately, the flow of water was quite disappointing even though we visited during monsoon season! However, the chilled and relaxing vibe still makes a great place to enjoy an afternoon walk or a cool off in the pool. There is also a rope swing which kept us entertained and word has it that local children sometimes stop by to backflip into the water, showing the tourists how its done!

Also be sure to check out Phaeng Waterfall whilst in the area.

Haad Salad Beach

For our 3 night stay in the north of Koh Phangan, we booked Cookies Salad Hotel situated right on the beachfront of Haad Salad. It certainly was a romantic setting to enjoy some relaxation after travelling from the full moon party.

We were given a spacious room with a balcony and hammock overlooking the beautiful scenery of the beach. The pool was definitely our favourite place to chill out as it stepped right onto the sand! 

Although the area lacks many shops, bars or restaurants, we enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and had a lovely candle-lit dinner on the beach one night which was the perfect end to our day of exploring.

Staying on Haad Salad Beach also meant that we could enjoy a breathtaking sunset each night as everybody gathered in the sea to witness the sun slowly fade below the horizon. It was a magical setting and one of our most memorable sunsets throughout our journey in Thailand!

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6 Best beaches to visit in Koh Phangan

If you’re looking for some of the best beaches to visit in Koh Phangan, here is our guide to the ones that we explored during our stay. Bottle Beach This…

If you’re looking for some of the best beaches to visit in Koh Phangan, here is our guide to the ones that we explored during our stay.

Bottle Beach

This hidden gem has to be our number one beach to visit in Koh Phangan!

We could have easily spent a whole day floating in the turquoise water and relaxing on the soft white sand. The surrounding scenery is beautiful and there are only a small number of resorts and restaurants lined on the beach, so luckily this slice of paradise will rarely be overcrowded.

Located north-east of the island, we heard that it is definitely the trickiest beach to reach by land and can be quite dangerous on the roads, especially by motorbike if you are not a fully confident driver.

We decided to save ourselves the risky journey by hopping on a longtail boat from Chaloklum Beach instead! We paid 200 baht for a return journey, but the boats run every hour so it is easy to get a one-way ticket if you are unsure how long you will be staying. This is the easiest and most safest way to reach Bottle Beach. If you are lucky, you might even spot some fishes jumping at the side of your boat like we did!

We definitely recommend making a trip here if you are exploring the north of Koh Phangan – the natural beauty and pristine white sand is a must-see!

Mae Haad Beach and Ko Ma Island

Located north-west of Koh Phangan is Mae Haad Beach, famous for its long strip of golden sand which allows you to walk directly over to Ko Ma at low tide.

We visited at midday which was quite busy as there are many resorts and restaurants lining the sand, however the beach is huge so there is plenty of space to relax and enjoy the views.

Ko Ma is surrounded by tropical reefs, so snorkelling is a popular activity on the beach and can keep you entertained for hours – just don’t forget to pack your snorkel!

The strip of white sand connecting to the island truly is a stunning scene, especially if viewed from the 360 Bar which is a short up-hill drive from the beach.

Haad Rin Beaches

Haad Rin Nok (also known as the sunrise beach) is definitely the most popular of the two beaches in Haad Rin, filled with backpackers and party animals who dance the night away to live music each night. This is also the place where the famous full moon party is held on the island every month.

Despite the lively atmosphere at night, we were surprised to find the beach chilled during the day and its beautiful surroundings make a great place to sunbathe and unwind.

Haad Rin Nai, (or sunset beach) is located on the west coast, only a five minute walk from Haad Rin Nok. We were lucky enough to visit here on a clear night and witnessed a truly beautiful sunset, so if you have a spare evening make sure to pop over and enjoy the incredible views!

Leela Beach

Just around the corner from Haad Rin is Leela Beach. With only a few resorts backed onto the sand, the quiet and immaculate surroundings is a perfect place to sunbathe and chill for a few hours.

We entered through Cocohut Resort which was a little hard to find, but there are signposts once you spot them.

Although the sea was incredibly calm and a perfect place to have dip, we visited in low season meaning there were lots of jellyfish lurking in the shallow waters, so make sure to keep your eye out!

To capture those insta-worthy snaps, there is a famous swing near the entrance to Cocohut Resort and a walkway which stretches out into the depths of the blue sea, so don’t forget to bring your camera!

Chaloklum Beach

If you are looking for the clearest sea in Koh Phangan then look no further than Chaloklum Beach!

We were blown away by the transparent water gently lapping onto the beach and couldn’t wait to take a dip! The surrounding scenery is stunning and the huge stretch of white sand is perfect for an evening stroll.

The beach is generally quiet due to people only passing through to hop on a longtail boat, although this means that it’s not the most peaceful place to relax due to the boat engines roaring every hour. However, if you have visited many of the other beaches around Thailand like us, then the noise soon becomes second nature to you.

Make sure to take a trip to Chaloklum Beach when exploring the north of Koh Phangan and swim in the pristine water – you will not be disappointed!

Haad Salad Beach

North-west of the island lies the quiet spot of Haad Salad. This is where we based ourselves when exploring the top half of Koh Phangan and enjoyed the laid-back vibes that the area has to offer.

We had the pleasure of staying in Cookies Salad Hotel which is one of the few family resorts situated on the beachfront.

Alongside the resorts are a few restaurants where an evening candle-lit meal can be enjoyed on the beach – the setting is so romantic! Although, be prepared for a visit from the friendly local dog who patrols up and down the sand during dinner time. He will be sure to give you some intense puppy-dog eyes!

If you can only pop over to Haad Salad Beach once during your stay, aim to arrive for sunset! 

Here, we witnessed the most magical sunsets we have seen throughout our whole journey in Thailand. Only the eastern end of the beach has views of the lowering sun, but the setting is too beautiful for words and not one to be missed! 

The incredibly calm and shallow water reflects every colour of the sunset and is the perfect time to float around, watching the sun slowly fade below the horizon.

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Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan

For many backpackers, experiencing one of the wild all-night beach parties tops their list of things to do whilst travelling around Thailand. We came across so many legendary stories from…

For many backpackers, experiencing one of the wild all-night beach parties tops their list of things to do whilst travelling around Thailand. We came across so many legendary stories from the famous full moon parties that we just had to plan a visit!

Thailand’s original full moon party takes place on Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangan and occurs every month on the night of the full moon. One of the most famous beach parties in the world, thousands of visitors gather from all around the globe to witness an incredible party atmosphere like no other.

On the evening of the party, the streets are alive with loud music, cocktail stalls and all the neon merchandise you could imagine. We headed to the beach around 10pm, giving us plenty of time to soak up the festival atmosphere and cover ourselves in neon paint!

Entrance to the beach is 100 baht per person and in return you get a fancy wristband to take home. The atmosphere on the beach is buzzing, with people of all ages joining in with the party and having fun. 

We had an amazing time strolling up and down the beach, dancing to the music and watching the impressive fire shows but unfortunately, we didn’t stay long enough to see the morning through!

Our tips

– Make sure you book your accommodation early as rooms get booked up and prices hike around the date of the full moon party. The other option is to catch a boat from Koh Samui, as we saw many companies offering round trips where you can jump back on a boat from Haad Rin once you have finished partying.

– Soak up the atmosphere on your way to the beach by having a drink with fellow party-goers, buy yourself a full moon t-shirt and cover yourself in neon paint to get into the full spirit of the party!

– Be careful around the fire shows and don’t attempt them if you’ve had one too many. We saw a lot of close calls which were quite scary to watch and health and safety definitely doesn’t seem a top priority.

– Our final tip is not to be put off by the wild stories and pictures on the web. In our experience, the party wasn’t as crazy as we were expecting and everyone seemed relaxed and friendly. Even if you’re not the biggest party animal like us, the atmosphere is fun and we even saw families with young children wandering around enjoying the music.

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10 Things to do in Koh Samui

There are many attractions in Koh Samui and it can become a little overwhelming when deciding how to spend your time. We have put together a list of our top…

There are many attractions in Koh Samui and it can become a little overwhelming when deciding how to spend your time. We have put together a list of our top ten things to do whilst visiting the island and we hope that it makes your planning a little easier.

1. Beach Hopping

Koh Samui is home to a number of impressive beaches that are dotted all around the island. Whether you are here to relax, snorkel or try water sports, there is always a stretch of white sand and clear blue sea for you. Read our full blog here to see which is our favourite beach!

2. Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha Temple)

Take a trip up towards the north to visit the spectacular 12-meter high golden Buddha. The statue towers above its own small island and is one of the most popular attractions in Koh Samui.

3. Wat Plai Laem

A short ride from Wat Phra Yai, this stunning set of temples is home to the striking statue of the 18-armed Guanyin, the goddess of compassion and mercy. A must-see when visiting the island, especially when paired with a trip to the Big Buddha.

4. Na Muang Waterfalls

Have a break from beach hopping and experience a place of natural beauty in Koh Samui’s magnificent jungle. There are two waterfalls to see at Na Muang, so make sure you’re well fuelled and prepared for the hike! Number two requires a higher climb, but the views and natural surroundings are breathtaking!

5. Grandma and Grandpa Rocks

Certainly one of the strangest attractions around, but make sure you have a giggle at these fascinating rock structures which remarkably resemble the shape of male and female genitalia! Read our full blog post here.

6. Fisherman’s Village Walking Street

Every Friday from 5pm-11pm, the quiet town of Bophut is brought to life as hundreds of people flock to the vibrant walking street market. Sample authentic Thai street food and shop at the many market stalls as you are dazzled by the bright lights and live music!

7. Overlap Stone

A perfectly balanced giant stone with incredible views over Lamai Beach! We hired a motorbike to reach this hidden viewpoint and were amazed by it’s beautiful surroundings. Just be sure to tread carefully and don’t look down!

8. Lamai Viewpoint

After seeking out the Overlap Stone, why not take a ride in a traditional cable car up to Lamai Viewpoint. Situated high amongst the jungle, take in the breathtaking views of Lamai Beach and beyond as you sip a cold drink from the bar. There is also a zip-line experience for the thrill seekers!

9. Shop till you drop in Chaweng

Known as the tourist hub of the island, Chaweng is a great location for a few hours of retail therapy. Have a stroll around one of the many market stalls to grab yourself a bargain, or find your favourite brands in Central Festival shopping mall.

10. Party all night!

At night, Chaweng Beach road is buzzing with enough bars and clubs to keep you partying until the early hours. Head to one of the many cabaret shows or experience some live Muay Thai Boxing before joining the pub crawl.

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Koh Samui Beaches

This gorgeous island will leave you spoilt for choice with its stunning beaches. Here is our guide to the best white sands in Koh Samui that we visited during our…

This gorgeous island will leave you spoilt for choice with its stunning beaches. Here is our guide to the best white sands in Koh Samui that we visited during our stay!

Chaweng Beach

The tourist hub of the island is definitely Chaweng Beach and is where most people choose to book their stay. Despite it getting very busy during peak season, the endless stretch of white sand and clear blue water is a true place of beauty!

The beach is also great for people who enjoy watersports, such as paddle boarding or even jet skiing. We rented a kayak for 100 baht per hour and visited a small rocky island which had beautiful views back towards the shore.

If you are looking for a beach with the calmest blue sea mixed with an impressive row of bars and a lively atmosphere, then Chaweng is the place to be!

Silver Beach

Situated in a sheltered cove just 10-minutes south of Chaweng is Silver Beach, a private bay with crystal clear water and a relaxed atmosphere that everybody longs for after a busy day of exploring. You can clearly see all the fishes swimming around your legs and here is a perfect place to snorkel in Koh Samui.

The beach is also referred to as Crystal Bay, so make sure you look out for signs and enter through the resort to access the beach.

Especially in low season, Silver Beach is a quieter and more peaceful space to relax compared to Chaweng. So why not take a dip with the fishes and unwind on the soft white sand after a long day!

Lamai Beach

Located just around the corner from Crystal Bay is Lamai Beach, the second most popular beach of Koh Samui. The turquoise waters and soft white sand makes a perfect place to chill for the day, although just be aware if swimming during the jellyfish season. Luckily, there is a safe swimming area which is protected by a large net to stop any jellyfish getting to shore. However, we still spotted a few of them lurking in the water and kept getting mildly stung by what we researched to be ‘sea lice’.

If you’re up for a walk, the famous attraction of Hin Ta and Hin Yai can be accessed from Lamai Beach by heading to the very south. You will have to climb over some rocks and up a rickety set of stairs, but the journey is much more fun than driving directly to the entrance. Read our full blog post on Hin Ta and Hin Yai here.

Lamai has a slightly more relaxed vibe than Chaweng and the stretch of powdery white sand certainly won’t disappoint!

Lipa Noi Beach

We heard that Lipa Noi Beach is one of the best places on the island to watch the sunset and as this is Jade’s favourite time of the day, we had to go and check it out!

Located on the west coast of Koh Samui, it is roughly an hour drive to reach Lipa Noi from Chaweng but we visited Na Muang Waterfalls on the way so the drive didn’t seem so long.

Unfortunately, the weather was a little stormy and the sun was hidden behind thick black clouds, so the sunset wasn’t what we were expecting which can’t be helped. The beach was also eerily deserted, but we were used to this in the middle of low season and decided to visit an empty restaurant before heading back to Chaweng.

After visiting Na Muang Waterfalls, Lipa Noi Beach is a beautiful end to the day – hopefully the sun will be beaming for you as it lowers into the ocean!

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The rocks of Koh Samui

Visiting a formation of rocks may not be something you had at the top of your to-do list, but these incredible structures are unique and definitely worth a trip whilst…

Visiting a formation of rocks may not be something you had at the top of your to-do list, but these incredible structures are unique and definitely worth a trip whilst exploring Koh Samui!

Grandma and Grandpa Rocks

This collection of rocks is located at the southern end of Lamai Beach, only a 10-minute drive from Chaweng. We stopped for a swim first and parked our motorbike at the opposite end of the beach, but it was quite a walk to reach the rocks so we would recommend driving to the attraction and paying a small fee of 20 baht for parking.

More formally known as Hinta and Hinyai, the oddly shaped rocks strangely resemble male and female genitalia, with ‘Penis Rock’ being the star of the show.

At the entrance, there is a small shopping village along with a number of food and drink stalls to enjoy before you head down towards the rocks. Visiting doesn’t take that long at all, as there isn’t much to do other than giggle, take a few inappropriate photos and smirk as you pass other tourists. Still a very unique sight to see nevertheless!

Overlap Stone

Whilst researching things to do in Koh Samui, we were struck by this incredible rock structure which finely balances high above the landscape. If you’re up for an adventure, the stone is well worth seeking out as the views at the top do not disappoint!

Getting to the Overlap Stone is quite difficult as it is located up steep hills into the jungle. Google Maps had to come to the rescue for us, although we still managed to drive past the turning! If you are visiting by motorbike, the road to the top is really steep with plenty of sharp corners, so take it steady as you ride up. 

As you climb higher and higher, there is a small house on the right with signs for parking. We parked our bike here for 20 baht and followed more signs towards a viewpoint, which we thought was the Overlap Stone at the time. Instead, we stumbled across a hidden gem which overlooks Lamai Beach and the beautiful surrounding landscape.

From here, the Overlap Stone is a five minute walk up a steep path but there are signs to point you in the right direction. At the end of the path is a small house and the stone is situated opposite and across a small bridge. You definitely wont miss it though – its huge!

Access to the stone is free, but there is a tip box to leave 20 baht on your way out which probably goes to the lovely woman who lets people walk across her garden everyday.

The views from the top are truly amazing and the huge rock structure balancing on the edge is a little overwhelming! The roped walkway is also a great place to capture some photographs, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Lamai Viewpoint and Valentine Stone

If you have a few hours to spare, we also recommend visiting Valentine Stone which has signs directing you from the main road not far away from the Overlap Stone. 

The fee to enter is 200 baht and although the rock isn’t that impressive, a short cable car ride to the top of the attraction has amazing views! 

The top is actually named Lamai Viewpoint and has similar scenery to the Overlap Stone, but here you can enjoy a cold beer from the bar and soak in more of the incredible landscape. The viewpoint also offers a zip-line adventure at an additional price for those who are braver than we are!

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Railay Beach, Krabi – In monsoon season

Hidden by towering limestone cliffs in a beautiful cove of white sand is Railay Beach, famous for its tranquility and picturesque surroundings. There are no cars or buses here, just…

Hidden by towering limestone cliffs in a beautiful cove of white sand is Railay Beach, famous for its tranquility and picturesque surroundings. There are no cars or buses here, just peaceful footpaths and a chilled-out vibe which is hard to say no to!

Who could blame us for adding this slice of paradise to our list of places to explore? The only problem was that we chose to visit on possibly the most rainy day of September!

Longtail boats run frequently from Ao Nang and this is the only way to access Railay Beach. When the rain clouds had passed (or so we thought), we hopped on one of the boats and paid 200 baht each for a return trip. 

As soon as we sailed away, it was clear that the ride would not be as smooth and enjoyable as we had imagined. The sea was ridiculously rough and the boat struggled against the waves, soaking all of us as we gripped onto our seats. After a 20-minute journey, we couldn’t wait to get off and wondered how the driver even managed to control the boat!

At the shore, we were met by an incredible view of the sandy bay and its beautiful surrounding cliffs. This was sadly paired with black clouds and a gush of rain, forcing us to take cover behind a wall until the storm passed. Some people ran to a nearby hotel for shelter, but a rude security guard wouldn’t let anybody in and forced us to stay ducking behind the wall.

Our boat driver had only given us 20 minutes to explore the beach and we were a little disappointed with this short amount of time, however this could have been due to the heavy rain. If you enjoy the freedom of having no time schedules then we suggest getting a one-way ticket, as there are plenty of longtail boats lined up waiting to transport people every hour.

When our time was up, the storm was in full force and we couldn’t bring ourselves to get back on the boat. We watched it ride away and crash against the waves, disappearing into the mist and leaving us panicking that we would be left stranded. Luckily, after an hour of waiting we decided to dash for the remaining boats as the weather had slightly improved and paid 150 baht for a one-way ticket back to Ao Nang. This time, we had life jackets at the ready and prepared to be soaked, however it was a little calmer and thankfully more bearable than the first journey!

Our tips

– Especially in monsoon season (July to October), a waterproof bag is a must for any boat ride and having a rain coat handy is also a good idea!

– Be prepared to wait when getting a longtail boat as the drivers won’t leave until they have enough passengers, unless you are willing to pay a higher fee of course.

– Only get a one-way ticket if you don’t want to rush your sight-seeing, there are plenty of boats that will take you back every hour.

– Trust the boat drivers! They have sailed in storms before and know exactly what they are doing.

– Lastly, don’t let the rain ruin your day! If you know what to expect and arrive prepared, Railay Beach is a beautiful cove to visit whatever the weather.

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